Freelancing in Mauritius

Kαιrόs Consulting Ltd can help set up your freelancing business in Mauritius as an individual. As a law firm in Mauritius, we ensure that you have all the permits required to legally operate.

Company startup in Mauritius

Thinking of starting a business in Mauritius?

Our legal and business development team at Kαιrόs Consulting Ltd is here to assist you step by step to start a company in Mauritius and to sustain it while you can focus on your skills. We not only assist you by providing legal advice on the laws and regulations governing companies in Mauritius but we can also assist you in managing everything. From incorporating the company, to getting all the relevant permits and setting up the templates so that you can easily do your payroll and file your taxes, we are here to assist you every step of the way

Company Law in Mauritius

Kαιrόs Consulting Ltd can provide you with legal advise and assist you in complying with the laws governing companies in Mauritius. Our team has experience in various company law matters.

Business Planning in Mauritius

Kαιrόs Consulting Ltd can assist you plan your business in Mauritius. We will work on the SWOT analysis, financial model, market research and analysis, sales and marketing plan, and detailed roadmap.

Business Development in Mauritius

Our Law Firm can assist you in developing your business in Mauritius. We can help with marketing, operations, accounting, taxes, website development, social media, and recruiting. We take care of the back end operations so that you can focus on creating value for your customers using your unique skills.

Need assistance with entrepreneurship in Mauritius?

Feel free to reach out to us for our  entrepreneurship services in Mauritius