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Business Plan

Whether you need a simple business plan to complete your formalities or a detailed one, our legal and business development team can cater to your needs and assist you in doing the needful. Our business plan defines your company's stability and growth, as well as how to move from concept to stability within 24 months in Mauritius.


SWOT analysis

Our business development team in Mauritius can assist you by performing a SWOT analysis of your company. This is a critical components of a business plan in Mauritius. Our objectives for this process is to know, protect, and enhance your core strengths; to eliminate your weaknesses over time; to invest in your opportunities; and to continuously be aware of your threats.

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Products and Services

Our business development team will analyze in detail the value of your products and services in the business plan. This will be used to demonstrate how your products and services are meeting the needs of your niche market in Mauritius.


Market analysis & research

We will perform a qualitative and quantitative market analysis and research based on your industry to understand the local market needs in Mauritius. The data will then be synthesized to segment your target market and position your business accordingly to capture the market. The current and future market potential will be detailed out in the business plan for your use.

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Sales and Marketing plans

Using the market analysis and research results, we will develop sales and marketing plans that position your business ideally for your target market within Mauritius. We will look at your inbound and outbound marketing, including website and social media strategies. We also look at your product, price, promotion, and placement to maximize your positioning in the Mauritian market.


Financial model

We can develop financial models for your business based on the current assumptions and demonstrate the company's cash flow and profitability over the next 10 years. We can perform sensitivity analysis to demonstrate the robustness of your business model in the Mauritian market. These models will then be developed into financial forecasts (using financial statements formats) to be included in the business plan.



We will develop a framework for the operations of your company in Mauritius, including the hiring of local talents and using local resources to run the operations. We will propose operational structure that would work best for your needs. This will be part of your business plan so your investors can understand the robustness of your operational plan.


Your company's roadmap

We will define a roadmap for setting up your company in Mauritius, developing products and services, executing the marketing plan, and running the operations with a detailed timeline with high-level milestones so your shareholders feel confident in your ability to execute the business plan.

Business Planning in Mauritius

Business planning in Mauritius can be a tedious process for the untrained. It is a very iterative process that requires a deep knowledge of accounting, marketing, financial modeling, operations, and the local legal framework in Mauritius to identify opportunities and challenges. Our team is highly trained in the local market as well as the diverse business fields required to develop a robust business plan that you can use for the execution of your business and to provide for application (loans, grants, etc..) purposes.

Kαιrόs Consulting is a law firm in Mauritius that provides legal services.

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