Kairos Consulting Ltd can develop a full marketing campaign for your company in Mauritius and assist with the implementation. We apply critical frameworks to determine the needs of your market and communicate how your firm is meeting those needs better that your competitors. We also determine your value-based pricing to maximize profits and revenue. We have experience developing marketing campaigns through our business planning in Mauritius services.



Kairos Consulting Ltd, a law firm in Mauritius, works on setting up your operational structure and systems so that you can focus on running your business in Mauritius. We look at the most efficient and effective ways to deliver value to your customer while maximizing profits. From the org structure to the IT systems, we can help.

Kαιrόs Consulting is a law firm in Mauritius that provides legal services.

Accounting and Tax

Kairos Consulting Ltd has developed a simple accounting records methodology so that you are able to keep track of your company's financials. You can easily export your balance sheet and income statement when requested. Furthermore, the accounts are set up to match the corporate tax forms in Mauritius to make filing your taxes easy.


Website and Social Media

Kairos Consulting Ltd can lead the development of your website and your presence on social media platforms in order to reach your audience in Mauritius. We use information from the marketing campaign to develop your website and social media channels. We also assist in domain name and website host selection. We also have local partners that we can introduce you to for these services.



Kairos Consulting Ltd can work with you on developing the job descriptions and set up an evaluation criteria to streamline the process of onboarding your team. We have a strong network in Mauritius and can reach out to qualified candidates organically.

Business Development in Mauritius

Kairos Consulting Ltd can assist in developing your business in Mauritius. We have the experience recruiting talent, founding the operational structure, developing the website, linking the social media platforms, implementing a marketing campaign, and updating accounting records. We also have significant experience with developing business plans for companies in Mauritius. We can take care of all that so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Kαιrόs Consulting is a law firm in Mauritius that provides legal services.

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