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Kairos Consulting Ltd (KC Ltd) is a law firm in Mauritius that supports law practitioners and small businesses. We are here to assist you at every step so that you can focus on your priorities. We work in collaboration with barristers, attorneys and notaries in Mauritius to provide you with the right consultation and assist you in taking the right course of action.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship in Mauritius to positively impact our economy through innovation, job creation, and tax revenue. We have a set of tools available to help small businesses start up and become stable. We assist with business planning, business development, and operations. We also have experience with market research, sizing, and positioning in Mauritius.

Legal Advice & Assistance

The Law Firm can assist you in complying with the laws of Mauritius and provide you with legal advice on various areas of law, including company law and labour law. Be it whether you need legal advice, drafting documents such as affidavits, mise en demeure or even lodging a case in Court, our team is at your disposition.

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Entrepreneurship in Mauritius

Thinking of starting a business in Mauritius? Our Firm in Mauritius is here to assist you step by step to start a company in Mauritius and to sustain it while you can focus on your skills. We not only assist you by providing legal advice on the laws and regulations governing companies in Mauritius but we can also assist you in managing everything

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Legal research in Mauritius

We are here to complete and not compete. We specialise in providing legal services, in particular assistance in legal research, to other professionals and various entities such Law Firms, Chambers and Companies which opt to outsource legal services or to work in collaboration with others so that they can save time and costs. We offer our assistance so that you can meet all your targets and deadlines while being able to focus on your priorities.

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Need assistance?

Be it on a matter relating to Company Startup, Employment Law, Applications or any other matters, if you need legal assistance in Mauritius, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation!